Bung Processore

Stoppers to be treated are loaded in separate baskets for better final results. Washing process is done by rotating the whole cabinet, which is a combination of basket. With the add of recycling pump and spray nozzles, suspension particles are ensured to be removed during the operation of fluid-bed..

These machines are designed for fully treatment of sealing devices for pharmaceutical products, like rubber and plastic stoppers, droppers, metal rings and similar components.



  • Siliconizing through recycling pump
  • Sterilization at 121℃
  • Drying with filtered 130 ℃ hot air.
  • Cooling by sterilized air of 20 ℃.
  • Chamber can be inspected through loading door.
  • Automatic opening and closing of baskets.
  • Chamber doors fully meet requirements for sterile environments.
  • Option: automatic loading.
  • Option: unloading door connect with isolator.
  • Multiple ways for automatic unloading.
  • Equipment has connections for validation tests.

Structure Characteristics

  • Machine main-body completely made of AISI316L, except the jacket, which is made of AISI 304SS.
  • Support frame of AISI 304 SS.
  • External panel made of AISI 304 SS.
  • All machine components are sanitary type.
  • Machine body insulated with ceramic material, and with external surface made
  • Chamber inner surface, tubes, baskets and all parts that will have direct contact with rubber stoppers are polished with connecting system for clean room unloading, three types of containers are availablection.