Water Spray

Our firm is offering a wide range super heated water spray steam sterilizers. our super heated steam sterilizer was developed specifically for terminal treatment of solutions in closed flexible containers. It was developed primarily to overcome the temperature-pressure restrictions of the conventional steam sterilizer, so as to counteract the effects of the overpressure, which unavoidably forms inside containers when these are sterilized using conventional saturated-steam autoclaves. Initially, once the chamber is loaded, only the lower part of the chamber (sump) is filled with treated water of adequate microbiological quality. The water, which is drawn from the bottom of the chamber by a sanitary-type centrifugal pump, is circulated through a moving-plate heat exchanger, also of the sanitary type, which is indirectly heated with water.

The water is then fed back into the upper part of the chamber and is distributed onto the load by a system of spray nozzles. Water is maintained in liquid form at superheated temperature due to positive pressure in the chamber and thereby efficiently sterilizes the load. Positive pressure is maintained in the chamber that counterbalances pressure build up in flexible containers, thus preventing container bursting order formation. These super heated water spray sterilizers are used for sterilization of sterile liquids in plastic and glass containers