ETO Scrubber

ETO is used as an intermediate in the production of several industrial chemicals and to sterilize instruments and equipment in hospitals. It is highly corrosive, highly flammable and can present severe health issues for people who come in contact with it.

Traditional ETO scrubbing technology involves the hydrolysis of ETO into ethylene glycol (EG). The reaction rate can be increased by adding various Scrubbing solutions. This requires a device to absorb ETO gas efficiently into an aqueous solution together with a practical method to hydrolyze ETO to EG. The hydrolyzed scrubbing solution can then be returned at a sufficiently low ETO concentration and temperature to permit continued absorption of ETO.

Typically, ETO removal efficiencies are more improve for most applications, Greater efficiencies are becoming increasingly critical as more states enact and enforce stricter policies against ETO emissions. The good news is that systems will Clean the hazardous components of ETO gas, and the design can be adapted for many types of facilities.