Multi Column Distillation Plant

Multi column distillation plants are used in pharmaceutical industry to separate or extract individual substances from liquid mixtures by partial vaporization and subsequent condensation; this is possible because of the difference in volatility of each individual liquid. Columns form the core of any distillation plant, which can further be adapted to different applications by changing the design of the column internal. This pharmaceutical machinery can be used to produce clear and distilled water for injections. The machine is designed so as to produce sterile, progeny free water and is suitable for use in the preparation of I.V. fluids, injections etc. This pharmaceutical machinery conforms to the GMP norms and standards. The output depends on the size and features of the machine and can vary from 50 lts per hour to 1500 lts per hour.

Our multi column distillation device has the capacity of 50 Liters to 1000 Liters. These are pure sterile, and pyrogen free are distills water in conformation with IP / BP standards



  • Energy saving device
  • Low operating cost.
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Compact Design, which saves the installation space
  • Contact parts are S.S. 316 and all joints are sealed with Teflon gasket.

Application of Multi Column Distillation Plant

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals
  • Food and beverage