Multi Column Distillation Plant


Multi Column Distillation Plant available from 80 ltrs. / hr. to 1500 ltrs. / hr. capacity produces 100% pure, pyrogen free, sterile distillate at unmatched low operational cost which confirms to Pharmacopoeia standards for WFI. All contact parts are made out of S.S. 316/316L and all the tubes are seamless


Multi-Stage distillation is use of a number of water evaporators arranged in series with stepwise reducing temperature and pressure conditions. The system works on the principle of inter stage heat exchange and use intrinsic heat to supplement consumption need of heating energy and cooling water. Due to surface film evaporation, a part of the feed water on the inside of the heat exchange tubes is converted to steam. A controlled amount passes through the column which results in rapid cooling of boiler steam (external source) thus creating vapors at high velocity under pressure. Because of centrifugal force, the vapors rising through the entrained section are subjected to a 180˚ turn. The pure vapor rises upward through a vertical section outside the heat exchanger (inner column) due to spiral motion. The unique centrifugal separation removes impurities such as pyrogens and endotoxins which flow out as they are blown down. The purified steam then moves towards upper end of the column. Condensing vapor from the previous stage is used as the heat source for the next. Since system needs heat to vaporize only 30% of the feed water, heating energy requirement is reduced by 70%.

Salient Features:

  • Pure sterile, pyrogen free distilled water.
  • Compact space saving design.
  • High operational reliability.
  • Meets GMP & FDA norms.
  • Easy and silent operation.
  • Excellent energy efficient.
  • Easy to maintain and operate.
  • Fully automatic operation*
  • High degree of finish.
  • Auto dumping of sub-standard distillate.*
  • Special sanitary fittings.