H2O2 Plasma Sterilizer

The sterilization procedure is divided into five phases:

  • A vacuum phase, where the chamber is evacuated to around 0.1 - 0.3 mbar
  • An injection phase, where liquid peroxide is injected, evaporating the Aquarius H2O2 solution and dispersing it into the chamber
  • A diffusion phase, where hydrogen peroxide vapor permeates the chamber killing any surface bacteria, chamber pressure is reduced and plasma discharge is initiated
  • A plasma phase, where an electromagnetic field is created breaking vapor apart and producing a low temperature plasma cloud of free radicals, such as hydroperoxyl and hydroxyl, that are known to be reactive with most of the essential molecules for normal metabolism of living cells
  • A vent phase, where the chamber is vented to equalize pressure allowing the door to be opened (there is no need for aeration or cool down, which means that the chamber is ready for immediate reuse).

Once again AMBICA STERILIZER has raised the bargain and offers you state of the Art within Low Temperature H2O2 Plasma Sterilizer. The engineering has looked in to every aspect of the process - from each manufacturing part – to the user – to the servicing level. In every step you will find high level of engineering thought.

Being the Low Temperature H2O2 Plasma Sterilizer in the world covering most application needs, you will find that Our Low Temperature H2O2 Plasma Sterilizer has the lowest cost of ownership for sterilizing heat & moisture sensitive equipment in CDDS, Respiratory Endoscopy, and Gastroenterology clinics.


  1. A vacuum phase.
  2. An injection phase
  3. A diffusion phase
  4. A plasma phase
  5. A vent phase

Standard Features:

  • Single or Double door Selection
  • Sterilize Unique Lumen Shape Rigid Endoscopes and Flexible Endoscopes.
  • Optimize utilization of instrument inventory.
  • Rapid cycle time; 25min-35min.user Requirement.
  • Thermal Printer
  • Integrated memory
  • Low Temperature (37-55 C°) working principle
  • Sterilize with H2O2 Vaporizing Technology
  • Durable Lifelong Stainless Steel Chassis 316L
  • Full colored Touch screen
  • Preconditioning, Sterilization, Plasma, Aeration in one Chamber
  • Integrated foot panel.